A spiritual psychic reader since 1987, Barbara With has been conducting and documenting thousands of channeling sessions around the world, speaking the voices of Albert Einstein and other Angelic peacemakers from “beyond the grave.”

Together with the Psychic Sorority, Barbara and the Party, along with the Angels, have created Conflict REVOLUTION® as a solution for world peace, one person at a time, each of us starting with ourself.

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What People Say

I am so grateful for the session I had with Barbara.  She is truly an  “angel.” It placed everything I was feeling and thinking into perspective for me. 

Lisa, Toronto

I can’t speak highly enough of the influence Barbara’s work and friendship has had on my life and on the lives of everyone she touches, and in the end everyone I touch, too.

Holly, Portland

I recommend other books authored by Barbara With. My life has been transformed, knowing there are not only angels watching over me but they are also whispering words of love and support in my ear.

Helene, New York

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