Have you ever dreamt of publishing a book? If so, you are in a large demographic of dreamers who have no idea where to begin to make that vision a reality. The ins and outs of book publishing remain a mystery to most, and a great source of confusion for many. After publishing seven books of my own over the last 20 years, I found myself with the expertise to coach others to succeed in writing and publishing their own books.

Mad Island Communications designs, publishers and distributes my books. As a writer, I am not interested in publishing other authors. However, I am available to help coach you in setting up your own small publishing business, finishing your manuscript, and making your dream of being a published author come to life.

Once I walk you through this process you will be set to write and publish as many books as you wish. After your first, you will know exactly what it will take to both finish a manuscript and make that manuscript available for sale as a book.

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