Einstein & The Party


Einstein presenting at the Sorbonne, 1922

In 1905, Albert Einstein brought the world the theory of relativity, which forever changed the way we understand the universe. Not just a brilliant scientist, Einstein was also a tireless activist for world peace. His legacy lives on years after his passing: 2005 was dedicated “The Year of Physics” by the United Nations as a tribute to the 100-year anniversary of his “miracle year” that included E=MC2; The Albert Einstein Institute, founded in 1983, is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world.

One of the great challenges that Einstein faced in both the scientific and global arenas was finding a unified field theory, which, to this day, has not completely been accomplished. The basic problem is that, in the microcosm, physics appear to react and respond differently than in the macrocosm. So, too, with world peace: Einstein could find small communities that supported peace in the “microcosm” of their world, but he could not understand how to bring unity to the “macrocosm” of many nations with varied beliefs and worldviews.

The story of how I became a psychic and a channel for Albert Einstein and a group who call themselves the Party of Twelve is too long to tell in one sitting. Even one book can’t capture it. But my work is based on a premise of “what ifs”: What if there really is an Afterlife, and what if, in that Afterlife, Einstein discovered the answers to the questions that so plagued him in life? What if we could somehow communicate with him? What would he say? What could he tell us to advance science, but more importantly, bring peace to our world before it’s too late?

The information that has come through via my “imagined” Einstein is the basis for a unified field theory and includes maps of human consciousness that illustrate how matter is manifest, and Conflict REVOLUTION®, a revolutionary process of resolving conflicts first and foremost within our own energy fields that result in the resolution of conflicts in our everyday lives.

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